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Be sure to buy Singer Songwriter Natalie Cox's singles or full length albums.  Singles can also be purchased on iTunes.  Natalie Cox embraces social and environmental causes with her songwriting including blues, jazz, folk and folk rock.  Singer Songwriter Natalie Cox is an USA Regional Performing Artist, performing shows throughout several states in the Midwest.   Natalie Cox loves teaching Private Piano and Guitar in Douglas County, Kansas and surrounding counties to youth and adults. Natalie also performs for private weddings. Natalie has a Music Education Bachelor Degree from the University of Kansas. 

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Album Four

  My fourth album is called Stand for the Solution.
Single songs from the album are available on internet radio.
I have not made compact discs for this full length recording.

All songs are written, performed, recorded, Exclusive Rights  Natalie Cox,
Some of the tracks I recorded with other musicians.  

Title Tracks from Stand for the Solution are:

Give Some Love Away, piano and vocals;  
        I composed this bass line from the works of Mary Lou Williams.  I love Mary Lou Williams and honor her work for keeping jazz alive. 

Where are You, guitar and vocals;  Mirrors are reflections.

Inawajjin, guitar and vocals; It means Stand Up in Lakota. One good heart stand up.

Stand for the Solution, Barry Barnes-percussion, Natalie Cox guitar, vocals.  It's a good old fashion protest song.

Window Open, guitar and vocals.  The guitar style is derived from Percy Mayfield's version Feel Like a Stranger in My Hometown.  James Phalen taught the guitar style to me.  Thank you Percy. 

Truth Will Find You guitar and vocals.

Know What's Real, vocals and guitar.  Know What's Real is  dealing with emotional reality mixed with natural "law" truths that  contribribute to the misunderstanding of the human conditions and  awareness of syncronicity of ground nature.

Together, vocals and guitar Together is a 5 piece instrumental with vocals with a scat cat rhythm requesting world peace.

Owner of Paradise, vocals and guitar by Natalie Cox.  Owner of  Paradise is jazz.  It is a poetic song about the galaxy itself.  It  pokes fun of the concept of ownership.

Homeless Boy, Barry Barnes on auxillary percussion, vocals and  guitar Natalie Cox  Homeless Boy is about life experiences in Kansas  City all people mentioned in this song are real.

Touch Me, guitar and vocal has a classic rock rock sound

musicians: Reggie Boyd, Prairie flute, Bass, vocals, Barry Barnes congas  & vocals, Micheal Fitzgerald trap set, Natalie Cox Piano, guitar,  vocals

Recorded by Big Time Productions in Kansas City, Missouri
S. Phillips 

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Natalie Cox Singer Songwriter Natalie Cox Teaches Private Piano and Guitar Lessons in Douglas County, Kansas and surrounding counties. Be sure to buy her full length albums or mp3's and iTunes. Singer Songwriter Natalie Cox is an USA Regional Performing Artist, performing shows throughout several states in the Midwest. Natalie Cox performs for weddings. Natalie has a Music Education Bachelor Degree from the University of Kansas. When you or your children are ready for Private Piano or Guitar Music Lessons or would like help with Your Wedding music, call or text (785) 842-9219 or CONTACT me using the form on this site. Be sure to browse Lead Pb WATCH for Kids Page on this site to STRENGTHEN our Anti-cancer skills. Thank you visiting Natalie Cox's website.

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