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Natalie Cox, BME enjoys teaching youngsters through adulthood Private Piano and Guitar lessons in Douglas County, Kansas and surrounding counties. Natalie also performs for weddings. Natalie has a Music Education Bachelor Degree from the University of Kansas. Be sure to buy Singer Songwriter Natalie Cox's singles or full length albums.  Singles can additionally be purchased on iTunes.   Singer Songwriter Natalie Cox is an USA Regional Performing Artist, performing shows throughout several states in the Midwest.   Natalie Cox embraces social and environmental causes with her songwriting including blues, jazz, folk and folk rock.

Performance agenda to be announced.

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Private Piano and Guitar Lessons for Douglas, Shawnee, Jefferson, and Leavenworth Counties Kansas

Natalie Cox enjoys teaching youth through adulthood, encouraging musical skill development. Natalie Cox, BME teaches Piano/Keyboard Private Lessons and 6 String Guitar Private Lessons for Douglas County: Baldwin, Eudora, Lawrence, Lecompton;   Shawnee County: Lecompton, Topeka, Tecumseh;  Jefferson County: McClouth, Oskaloosa, Perry, Winchester Leavenworth County: Basehor, Linwood, Tonganoxie Kansas areas.  Lessons  meet 30 minutes up to one hour once a week on a regular basis. If you would  like to have just one or two lessons, that's fine. Natalie Cox's lessons are for Very beginners,  for people who have Previous Musical Skills through Intermediate, and for Advanced musicians are  welcome.  
      Piano/keyboard  and or 6 string guitar lessons include several musical topics. Guitar Lesson Topics include guitar fingering, chords, finger dexterity, How to Read Guitar Tablature, How to Read other musical notation, changing chords, How to read Treble clef, Ear Training, chord harmony & theory, soloing, scales, improvising, strumming styles, melodies, memorizing, and more. Piano Lesson Topics include How to read Grand Staff, Scales, playing by, ear, hand technique, theory, playing by rote with a very beginner, keeping things memorized, sound technique, how to use the pedals, where to keep your fingers on the keys, chording styles, naming notes on treble and bass clef stave, keyboard names  Both instrument topics include music vocabulary, the way of listening differently and different ways, developing musicianship, how to use recordings to learn, How to Sight Read, understand the beat, how to make a beat, how to keep a beat, additional rhythm skills, counting measures, tempo, and more. 

More Piano and Guitar Music Lesson Instruction info from Natalie Cox

        To the best of my ability I honestly meet you where you are at with your own musical gifts, musical aptitudes, skills and go from there, helping with  your musical growth.  Some additional musical topics I instruct about are included in the following.  Basic beginning, like how to hold the  guitar so that you are comfortable, and with the piano,  learning to keep oneself distanced away appropriately from the  instrument so that  your arms and hands have the best angles to play  well. Another topic of  basic beginning with piano is how to develop  hand movement while  having fun.  Basic stretching, that takes less than  3 to 4 minutes, so that it is easier to play the guitar and piano. 
      When I work with children, I usually play at least one musical  game  at least every other lesson to encourage ear training and rhythm development.   The earliest age I teach with guitar is usually six.   The  earliest age I teach with piano is four.  There are always  exceptions.   Fun, laughter and enjoyment are mandatory.
         When I teach,  I focus on what works.  I do not adhere to any one  specific methodology and "make" the student follow it.   I am familiar  with several music educational methodologies and integrate all of them to help you have a positive musical experience  I endorse  several music education methodologies, including Dalcroze, Suzuki, Solfege, and Orff.   I try to help you, the piano and guitar student to develop your own strategies that work for you.
      I teach listening skills that will benefit students so that increased comprehension can take place to further other and additional musical skills.  I help to develop the musical ear by helping students to notice what it is he or she is listening to, pitch differential, the  intervals-  how far apart are the musical sounds and how that correlates with ear to hand/body movement.  In the lesson, this is accomplished by playing musical games, analyzing student's choice recordings, and learning the  language of intervals including different types of chords and chord sonorities, textures of the sound.  I encourage playing by ear from already knowing the song "by heart," and how to play by ear from using recordings.
        Lessons can start at generally age of five for the piano and generally the age of 7 for guitar.  At  any age and at any musical caliber, one can enhance melodic and rhythmic aptitude and skills.  At the very beginning, it is noting the vocabulary difference between melody and rhythm and understanding  how melody and rhythm works together.  Usually, the study of melody or  "soloing" is how most  beginning musicians start to practice.  The melody  includes rhythm.   This leads to memorizing the song on the piano or guitar, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or When the Saints Go Marching  In.  I usually  recommend every guitar and piano player to keep a few songs  memorized from the very start.  So that means I also teach how to memorize music from a few different perspectives, including classical style.  
      There are worlds of different rhythms, as MOST of us already well  know.  At the beginning stages of piano and guitar study this means how to keep a steady beat and become aware of different rhythms, styles of rhythms, how to create your own rhythms are all musical topics that I instruct.  Some of my students prefer to learn multitudes of  rhythm  patterns, while some of my students like to become aware of  musical  genres which are defined by rhythm.  It is important to me for each  individual student to be able to assess accurately where they are at  rhythmically.  It is not a good nor bad thing.  Rhythm is something to be learned and rhythm is a skill, as well as melody.  When the person who is taking lessons from me can understand how he or she relates with rhythm, it becomes much easier to learn rhythm and about rhythm.  If you are patient with yourself, you will understand how you personally learn rhythm skills and keep them to your musical advantage.     

          In  piano and guitar lessons, I teach how to understand musical  notation and reading of staves, tablature and other forms of sheet music.   I accomplish this by encouraging parents to expose their children to  listen to music, in turn, using their developed ear-  there's that ear to  hand/arm movement stuff- to assist them in reading.  There are several  ways to learn how to read music.  In the  beginning stages color code  paper charts, rote, memory, simply making a commitment to do it and more.  
           Further musical topics that I use to teach piano and guitar lessons with are introductions and exposure to different musical styles of modern day societies and historical concepts.   I teach basic western music theory and integration of modalities. When I say mode, I  am referring to the historical collection from Europe, often called the   Seven Church Modes, that are representations of seven pre-existing   cultures before and during the Roman Empire.  These modes were in use   dating back to around 800 AD, the modes were assimilated and are passed   on in today's European and American music.
          Learn improvisational techniques- this also ties in with knowing intervals and basic theory,  scales major minor pentatonic chord  development, chord sequencing.  songwriting.  Improvising is simple for  a lot of my students.  I simply  ask the student at the beginning  stages to make up a melody while I play  bass chords or a bass line. Improvising evolves with the use of knowledge from scales and basic to  advanced chord knowledge and of course practice.  Thirty minutes four to five days weekly is what is suggested for practicing and then the private lesson. 

         I  do not ask nor require any of my students to do  all of the above.  Rather, I  meet with you, see what you want to do musically, make up a plan of action that you the individual agree with  or the family agrees with.   We proceed from there with music lessons.   When you take lessons from me on a more continuous basis, we  re-discuss your goals with piano and guitar music about every lesson to make sure you are headed in a musical direction that you want to go
            Students are encouraged to go at a pace you are comfortable with.   Students are encouraged to develop your own individual musicianship,  artistic style and creativity.  Students are encouraged to make up your own musical goals.  Family members are invited and welcome to join during the lesson. It is important to me the person feel comfortable,  relaxed and enjoy their learning process.

           One music book does not fit all.  I use different method books to teach with.  Some personalities do better with one set of music books and others do better with different music books.  If you  have  pre-existing music books that you like- let's use them.  If you  have music books that you do not like, I suggest recycling them to a library, book store, reselling them or give them to a neighbor.   

           Written   contracts are available upon request with piano and guitar students. I  do ask for common courtesy like calling me as soon as possible if you or your child cannot make it for the scheduled lesson so that we can reschedule the lesson date or just go to the next week.   If I show  up for a lesson, you are not there and you did not call me  the morning of the lesson, payment for that missed lesson that day is requested.  Lessons are $20 per half hour.

Teaching Background & Forward motion:  I  am a graduate from the University of Kansas with a Music Education  degree. I continue to teach private piano & guitar lessons and  have  been teaching private piano and guitar lessons since 1993. In  1997, I  created and taught a toddler dance, movement & general music  study  program for Maria Montessori in the Home, Lawrence, KS.  I  taught group  & private piano lessons at the Lawrence Piano Studio,  1995-1998,  when it was on Massachusetts Street and still exists today on  6th  street in Lawrence, KS.  I also have provided a Songwriter's  Workshop  for one of Lawrence's Junior High School's Gifted Programs in  1999.   August 30, 2013, I received the Lawrence Award.  September 2016 through February 2018, I served a weekly Musicians Post as SingAlong for those who have  disabilities and need supervised care. 

      The following is a list of some of my musical teachers.   All of these music teachers, I am grateful for.   

       Piano Education Background
        Private Teachers:  Barbara Stimpful, Cynthia Avilia, Jerry Simms; from the University of Kansas privately with Dr. Angeletti classical  training and other collegiate influences are Dr. C Hepp, Dr J. Winerock, Eric Sukamura, Bill Barker.
           Independent piano study includes Mary Lou Williams, Thomas Waller, Scott Joplin, Jimmy Rowles, Ray Charles, Nacio Herb Brown and more. My favorite piano teacher is my maternal grandmother who taught me   boogie woogie, jump bass accompaniment, how to do duets, & to honor my ear. 

         Guitar Education Background:
         Teachers include:  Kevin Little who provided introduction to classical guitar music study,  basic chords and strumming techniques.  Meagan Murphy who   helped to develop improvisation, soloing and ear training techniques. Carol Dressler encouraged chord development, technique study,  jazz and pop styles.  Cynthia Egger with a Master's Degree in Guitar from   North Carolina encourages altered tunings, blues styles, Spanish Classical guitar intro, and strumming techniques.   James Phalen teaches concentrated blues styles by differing artists, ear training, technique chord study.
           Independent guitar study includes Christopher Parkening Methodology, Frederick Noad, Manscie Lipscomb, Larry Coryell, Memphis Minnie, other blues and jazz artists.
           King Georgie II has helped with some rhythm. This list of piano and guitar teachers is not complete.  I have had more teachers than what is listed.   

Lesson appointments are made by phone 785-842-9219 or email: natalie_cox_n_taos@yahoo.com

Piano, 6 String Guitar or Keyboard Private Music Lessons are available Tuesday  through Saturday 9am through 8:30pm for Douglas County: Baldwin, Eudora, Lawrence, Lecompton;   Shawnee County: Lecompton, Topeka, Tecumseh;  Jefferson County: McClouth, Oskaloosa, Perry, Winchester Leavenworth County: Basehor, Linwood, Tonganoxie Kansas areas.  Kansas at an agreed upon appropriate place via music room, studio or your home at $20 per half hour.

Piano and or Guitar Private Lessons or  Reiki  sessions are also available when I am performing in different  cities  within 13 miles of the city I am performing in; dates for  availability  are mentioned on the performance calendar.

If you have any questions related to piano or guitar lessons please feel free to call 785-842-9219 or email: natalie_cox_n_taos@yahoo.com.

Thank you, Natalie Cox 

Testimonial Facts

 Cafe Acoustic in St. Joseph, MO
Lisa Hancock,
from  Cafe Acoustic raves, "Singer/Songwriter Natalie Cox moves from guitar  to piano with the ease of sliding into a pair of much loved old jeans.   Her strong vocals propel her melodies beyond earth and nature, which she  writes of so eloquently.  For a real treat ask her to sing the haunting  melody 'This Mountain' a cappella."

Co-founder of Songwriter’s Circle of Kansas City reviews  about Bear Some Soul: "..., with her powerful vocals, she reminds me of  the great singer/songwriter Buffy Saint-Marie. There is a good mix of  serious, fun, folk, blues and alternative,..., all done with plenty of  soul.” -David Hakan

As a recording artist, Natalie Cox is affiliated with  The Orchard They are a record label and distributor.  

Bear Some Soul will touch your Dreams by going through your Roots. This high quality and well crafted CD is mixed with Natalie Cox's folkrock, blues, ballads, and humor.-The Orchard 

 Higher  Cause shows what wonderful things an accomplished musician and  songwriter like Natalie can do with Folkrock and Blues. When there is  something important to say: Listen and you'll like it.-TheOrchard  

Dr. Richard D Yennie, DC, Acupuncture, Chiropractic Medicine, 4140 Broadway St, Kansas City, MO 64111, (816) 931-0287, stated to me in 2010, "You do good work," after I assisted one of his clients, my friend, in getting to his office and with Reiki. 


It's A Soul Thing; Bear Some Soul, Higher Cause, Stand for the Solution,  all full length recordings available from stage, this site www.nataliecox.com and other internet sources

CONTACT Natalie SongwriterSinger to Perform at your Venue, Wedding or for Private Piano & Guitar

LISTENING SAMPLES are available on the links below

One can sample HIgher Cause on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Higher-Cause/dp/B000S59HZQ/ref=ntt_mus_ep_dpi_1

Sample Bear Some Soul on Amazon


https://www.emusic.com/NatalieCox One has to sign up these days to honor the Pirates

Weep for the Willow https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/weep-for-the-willow/4139282?i=4139270


Dreams https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dreams/4139282?i=4139255

Freedom Train https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/freedom-train/4139282?i=4139278

Yellow https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/yellow/4139282?i=4139262

Bear Some Soul https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bear-some-soul/4139282?i=4139266 

Southern Style Breakfast Man https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/southern-style-breakfast-man/4139282?i=4139274

Muse https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/muse/4139282?i=4139260

Tatanka https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tatanka-buffalo/4139282?i=4139264

Earth Day Song https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/earth-day-song/4139282?i=4139268

Alligator Stew https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/alligator-stew/4629630?i=4629593

Let the Music Heal Ya https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/let-the-music-heal-ya/4629630?i=4629581

Heart and Stone https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/heart-and-stone/4629630?i=4629586

Higher Cause https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/higher-cause/4629630?i=4629588

Revealation (it is NOT spelled wrong)


This Mountain https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/this-mountain/4629630?i=4629601

Stars on the Ocean Floor https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/stars-on-the-ocean-floor/4629630?i=4629606

Not Alone https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/not-alone/4629630?i=4629616

Hippie On the Road https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/hippie-on-the-road/4629630?i=4629621

Staying Connected https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/staying-connected/4629630?i=4629623

Blues Again https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/blues-again/4629630?i=4629625

Squeak Blues

About Natalie Cox Singer Songwriter



"4 Things Natalie's Music Has...
Passion, Integrity, Quality and Commitment"
                                   by Marvin Voth, Script Editor Lawrence, KS. 

Television show and radio play examples include  AIROS -American Indian Radio on Satellite; KMRS in Morris, MN; KLPR in  Kearney, NE; KKFI in Kansas City, MO; KJHK in Lawrence, KS and internet  stations. Television examples are Coffee with Cush,  The Fusion Show, and the Nightly News on WIBW in Topeka, KS.

As a songwriter and recording artist,  Natalie Cox is affiliated with
BMI , a performing rights organization.

Some of the shows in different cities as a singer/songwriter I have done are in the states of Minnesota, South Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri include: University  of South Dakota Earth Day Program in Brookings,SD;  Kansas City  Community College, Kansas City, KS for the Winona LaDuke for  vice-president and Ralph Nader for president Presidential Campaign,...,

Stop the Coal Train Extravaganza in Mitchell, SD; Universities of Nebraska  in Kearney, Lincoln and Omaha, The Bison Symposium in Lincoln, NE;  Morningside College & June Jam in Sioux City, IA; Glasco and  Miltonvale Public Schools ,KS;  the Kansas State Fair, Kansas State  University, Manhattan, KS;  Douglas County Bank Senior Citizen Birthday  Program in Lawrence, KS; and the Apple Fest in Kansas City, KS.

Some, not all, repeat performances, Natalie Cox, as a singer/songwriter include: Bambino's  Restaurant, Lawrence, KS; Barnes and Noble, Independence, Missouri,  Brown Bear, Lawrence, KS; Doc and Bruties Restaurant, DeSoto,  KS;Fountain Follies, University of Nebraska, Lincoln; Lawrence, Public Library, Lawrence, KS; Stu's Midtown
Tavern, Lawrence, KS; Toto's, Mission, KS; Uncle John's, Sioux City, Iowa: Maple Leaf Festival, Baldwin, KS; and Unity Church of Lawrence, KS.

Nomer from the Explorer  remarks from one of Natalie Cox's live shows, “An ardent  environmentalist, Cox devotes several of her songs to messages of peace  and earth preservation.”

Johnny Winslow, national artist,  joined her performance for the Kansas Advocacy and Protection Services.  Winslow states, "Natalie: a very talented spirit-she has a style that  is different.":

Some recording work Natalie Cox has done as a musician and songwriter, not all, includes soundtracks for the Relaxation Series by Jim Haynes, creator of Kiemotion Therapy and two documentaries by Ironwood Films.      

Piano Lesson by Natalie Cox

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Knowing the Causes of Cancer Can Help PREVENT SO TAKE ACTION

What Can We Do About Radon?


Don't Allow Radon to run your home. Consult with Knowledgeable People about Radon. Make sure you home is safe from it's harmful effects. Radon causes LUNG CANCER.

Lead is in Top 10 for Cancer Causing


Consumer Products containing lead pb can cause symptoms such as mood swings, depression, weight gain or weight loss, and brain disorders. Plumbing, paint and mining are a few sources of lead.



Stop Sheep dipping  in arsenic vats, Arsenic is found in water, pesticide manufacturing and application, vineyards, ceramics,  glass making, smelting, wood preservation and more.



Cadmium is found in Industrial Activities such as conveyor belts packaging foods, mining, smelting, manufacturing of batteries, rechargeable batteries, soldering, alloys, pigments and stabilizers.  Cadmium is used for fillings for teeth. Water can be contaminated with cadmium from mining. Cadmium causes hunching over bone disease.



Please Read Dr. Mercola's Article titled How to Protect Yourself From Atrazine and Other Pesticides. Atrazine is an herbicide.  It is proven to cause reproductive abnormalities. It is found in our water from field runoff into our rivers and waterways.



Traces of different types of mercury are found in High Fructose Corn Syrup. Avoiding these foods is diabetes prevention and taking care of your health.  Mercury is found in our rivers and water ways.  Mercury can be found in thermometers, barometers, historic hats, modern light bulbs and more, 

Many Answers & Ways to Prevent Illness

Keeping Fit Dwellings


Least poisonous dwellings & lifestyles reduce risks for cancer.  Moderate air flow between well organized clean belongings reduces mold and mildew. Damp wipe dusting methods remove airborne causes of illness.

Take Care of Our Water


No dumping. Repair what is poisonous. Know how things work and what to improve. Minimize and stop using what is poisonous to our trees, food crop and earth.

Consider the Weather


Learn Weather Skills.  Understand how weather impacts others and ourselves. Allow ourselves time to learn weather skills and weather safety.  

Take Care of Asbestos & Lead Paint and Plumbing


People have gone to a GREAT deal of trouble to get & keep things safe.

Will Rogers Memorial Highway 10,000,000 Tons Zinc and Lead


Area has been mined since 1700's.

Facing the Facts


Mining waste, sometimes called chat, gets relocated. Sometimes chat is too poisonous.  Many times mining waste is sold to make consumer products.


We do not NEED aluminum or lead/pb in our kitchens

There is a warning on the nonstick aluminum pans

 What is the Center for Disease Control?

Center for Disease Control & Prevention mission statement from their website states:
Collaborating to create the expertise, information, and tools that people and communities need to protect their health – through health promotion, prevention of disease, injury and disability, and preparedness for new health threats.

CDC seeks to accomplish its mission by working with partners throughout the nation and the world to 1) monitor health, 2) detect and investigate health problems, 3)conduct research to enhance prevention, 4) develop and advocate sound public health policies, 5) implement prevention strategies, 6) promote healthy behaviors, 7) foster safe and healthful environments, 8) provide leadership and training.

Contact Information for Disease Control and Prevention

1600 Clifton Rd

Atlanta, Georgia 30333


Call 1-800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636)

Hours may change, although EST

Monday through Friday 8 AM- 8 PM Closed Holidays


CDC offers information about the dangers of lead/pb and keeps a data base of children known to have lead poisoning.  CDC also keeps literature about how to monitor blood lead level cases and more.

Lead/pb in Kitchenware

 Using glass instead of plastic and glue in to go cups is one form of reducing poison exposure to prevent cancer. 

 There are also glass cookware and stove top glass tea pots available.  Several authorities state that glass cookware is the healthiest.    It is a fact that Tephalon, Cephalon, and other non stick cookware cause cancer and other illnesses.

Porcelain many times also contains lead/pb, Please check a safety data  material sheet and or the contact the manufacturer to find out how much  lead/pb is being used.  Crock pots are known to contain lead/pb.

I have found documents dating from 1917 about the dangers of aluminum cookware and utensils. One source is mentioned on my aluminum poisoning article. 

 Microwaves are outlawed in certain countries.  There are several documents and studies that WARN people about the use of microwaves.  Microwaves are health threats. 

 Tephlon and Cephalon are known to cause cancer.  Any and all heavy metals when heated are known to be more poisonous then when at room temperature. 

 WARNING:  There are several glass cookwares that have levels of lead/pb in them.  Corning ware is also known to have lead/pb. 

Natalie Cox Singer Songwriter Biography

Lead Dust

Glass, Antiques and showers may have Lead

 Antiques that have poisonous lead/pb are lead painted match box cars, lead paint Tonka trucks.  Asbestos filled cooking mits and pot holders often have lead paint on them.  Jewelry, shoes, items with rubber substance, dolls, pewter looking items, lamps, ceramic figurines, medicine bags that doctors used, glasses cases, pedestals, dishes, anything shiny are all examples where lead/pb can be. 

Asbestos is an outlawed insulation, a cotton looking material used during the time of Benjamin Franklin up through this present moment.  It was used because it did not catch on fire.  It was/is used in all kinds of things that we take for granted, vehicle trunks, traveling trunks that rode in covered wagons. You can find
asbestos in purses for padding, the list goes on and on.  If you see brown to white flaky stuff from an antique, remember IT IS GUILTY until proven innocent.  I have not ever tested for asbestos.  If you want to learn more about it ask somebody who is a professional about asbestos.  Cadmium is also a dangerous substance- if you see a lot of red in any antique- consider cadmium.  It is/was used in red leather looking stuff.  When some of us stopped using animal brains and green leaf smoke for tanning leather, some of us resorted to using lead and cadmium clay compound mix as a preservative.  Unfortunately, that type of preserving method causes cancer, insanity, and death. Mercury dimes really do have mercury.     


Glass of all types may or may not have lead.  If you keep fluid in them, the fluid stands a good chance of lead leach.  Lead leach is where the lead leaches onto particles and makes other lead particles bigger by leaching together.  In a lead damaged house, where the brown is, there is usually lead either behind the wall where it is brown, around the plumbing parts, and lead leaching also happens in crock pots as you cook food.  

Antiques with glass are suspicious of lead/pb.  Pot metal also commonly is lead/pb.  Pot metal is easily bendable.  Floor lamps, farm equipment, any antique with paint is guilty until proven innocent.   I am sure that somewhere some one has made a list of antiques containing lead/pb.  I do remember to help stop the deterioration of antiques and for lead safety it is best to keep them in lead safe glass containers or in plastic. 


Lead/pb in schools can be found in the plumbing lines, the service lines, the paint, and electric cords.  If there is a ceramic sink where there the enamal is gone or worn away drastically, the sink will usually demonstrate over 5 ppm in the porous ceramic sink.

There are several LAWS regarding soldering and lead plumbing. 
Drinking, Cooking, Showering and Washing Water in Lead Safety

  Using filtered water to drink and cook reduces poison exposure.  It is recommended to take showers, instead of bathes to reduce exposure to lead/pb and Atrazene.  Washing clothes in cold water, instead of hot or warm to reduce lead/pb exposure on your clothes. Using baking soda or salt as a disinfectant works.

Soldering in hot water tanks have lead/pb, definitely the ones before 1986.  So at a public school, it is wise to have lead safe hot water heaters.  


Where is lead dust from?

 What is Lead Dust? There are several types of lead/pb dust. 1) Household dust that accumulates on lead/pb electric cords is lead dust. 2) Very fine lead paint chips are lead/pb dust. 3) When somebody is sanding off lead/pb paint from window sills or antiques or trim, etc, that's lead dust. 4)When a tornado/microburst stirs up old piled up lead plumbing lines and pipes that have been sitting outside for years and they blow apart into fine metal flakes, that too is lead/pb dust. 5) Construction workers are known to bring in lead/pb from their boots.  They hug their children before changing out of work clothes and accidentally poison their children from dust. 6) People who work at battery plants, have to shower and change their clothes before they leave their job due to lead/pb. 7) People who work at plastics plants, they have to change their clothes before they leave their job due to lead dust. 8) The lead/pb metal flakings that come from pre-existing coal mines are considered lead dust 9) The lead/pb metal flakings that come from the University of Kansas are considered lead dust  10) Metal flakings that come from a pipeline making company often called in slang Slumber Jacks is considered lead dust. Slumber Jacks is known for having their workers for two weeks, then off for two weeks to do the Western Flush of Apple Sauce to reduce lead/pb poisoning effects. My understanding that is part of Slumber Jack's workers code is to have lead poisoning on a regular basis as a regular part of the job. 11)  Dust in window sills from any building that was built before 1978 is considered lead/pb dust. 12) Dust that accumulates on floor trim in any building that was built before 1978 is considered lead/pb dust.   ALL lead/pb dust is considered very life threatening, and YOU are worth protecting yourself by wearing appropriate safety clothing and head gear.  Always wear gloves, if it is suspicious- CONSIDER IT GUILTY until proven innocent by a lead/pb surface test or a lead/pb lab test.   

Aluminum Poisoning Alzheimer's Asthma more

Avoiding Aluminum can cause health. Aluminum clogs lymphatic system. Why use it? There are WARNINGS about aluminum since at least 1917.


Did You Know that plumbing exists on the OUTSIDE of houses ?

Sometimes old lead plumbing can be found in chimneys

 A blood lead level is a measurement of MICROGRAMS per deciliter.  Sometimes a blood lead level is also called a blood lead level distribution.  Some use scales to determine the harshness of the poisoning.  In any society there is coruption and dishonesty.  The best blood lead level/distribution is to have ZERO lead/pb or any poisons.  When I took my Lead Safety Works Class, I was taught that anything above 2.5micrograms per deciliter is elevated blood lead level or poisoned!!  Laws say differently in a lot of states.  People will be arguing about it until the human race is gone.  The point is:  Lead/pb is a poison.  People keep using this poison.  Lead/pb causes cancer.  If you can remove all personal belonging that have lead/pb in them.  If you can keep all lead away from you as much as possible, you will not be as sick and you will have less chances of getting cancer.  That is the point.  If they got to measure, I let them.  If I have to use THEIR scale, my measurement is ZERO tolerance for lead/pb.  It kills people.  If I have to play THEIR game- it is 2.5 micrograms is what is poisoned or elevated or what ever words THEY use to say and what THEY mean is THEY were TOO lazy to do something about THEIR lead problem and THEY gave it to a lot, not just you or me, but to a lot of innocent people.  If you get elevated blood lead level, it is NOT your fault.  You did not do ANYTHING wrong. There are A LOT of THINGS YOU can do to LOWER your blood lead level to below 1 (one) if you give yourself a few years and stay strong no matter what.  Learn as much about the lead as you can, KNOW where the enemies are at.  The more you KNOW about lead, the more you can avoid lead/pb.  The more you know about how it leaves the body, the more you can do to get it out of your body.  There are a lot of people mentioned on this page that would be happy to visit with you, if that is what you need.  There are ANTI Lead groups you can join as you work on your healing process.  You are not alone.  You might feel alone.  But you - you are not alone! EVER,
Your friend,

Copper Plumbing Since 1961

 What is Lead/pb Plumbing?

Lead plumbing is plumbing that has a lot of lead. Lead plumbing includes outflow pipes, inflow pipes, elbows, soldering, and lead water mains.  It starts at a reservoir or river then water treatment facility and to the faucets of your home.  Lead plumbing has been outlawed in the USA since 1961-62.

The first plumbing in America is wooden service lines. Wood petrifies.  In Lawrence, Ks, we still have working wooden service lines. FACT as of 2015.  We also still have Lead/pb working service lines and mains.  FACT as of 2015. The problem with lead is that causes diseases to adults and children.

Vermont Street in Lawrence, KS has a lead/pb water main.  You cannot even use the water to put 4 drops on a lead surface test to test your belongings.  The water from Vermont Street will turn a lead surface test strip red before you can test anything. This occurred October 2011.

In the state of Kansas, the Law for SAFETY and Health is COPPER for plumbing inside homes since 1961 and 1962.

Drinking water laws improve meaning poisons like herbicides and pesticides get outlawed frequently.  No amount of lead/pb is safe.

Indication of lead/pb plumbing or Lead/pb pipe fittings in the home is: IS IT PAINTED?  Painting over lead/pb anything whether it is paint or plumbing is a STANDARD PRACTICE and does NOT help with lead reduction.

The lead/pb from the paint and the plumbing leaches through the old latex and non volatile organic compound paint. Painting over lead/pb paint to encapsulate it may help it for a while, however you have to keep painting over it and the lead leaches though.  This makes lead dust and the cycle of poisoning is in action.

When you reduce your lead exposure you have a less chance of acquiring other diseases because lead/pb breaks down the immune system making it hard for your body to fight off other diseases. 


Stop Lead in Cosmetics & Teething Products

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Lead Surface Test Kits

Lead Surface Test Your Belongings

 Please test all of your consumer products with lead surface  test kits, easily attained from most hardware stores.  Computer Cords,  electric devices, etc, especially those items purchased from the year  2001 to forward, painted antiques, antique matchbox cars & lamps. If the item you purchased fails a lead surface test please  take it back to the store where you purchased it from and tell them  that it violates the 1990 Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Act.  Several  things may happen: 1) They may look at you like you don't know what you  are talking about.  You can tell the manager to stop attempting to give  his/her customers and employees unwanted diseases.  2) They may replace  it for you for free with a RoHS  compliant item. When we act this way,  we help our children, those already suffering from pre-existing illness,  our pets and ourselves. 


Nutrition is IMPORTANT

Choline is important for all. Choline helps to restore the brain. When you have had friends that have had lead poisoning, please remind them and yourself to get enough choline.  Choline is a nutrient in foods. Nutritional professionals have proven choline helps to repair the brain. Foods that have choline are EGGS, beef, chicken, fish, beans, mushrooms, orange juice and more. Nutritional websites have foods listed with nutrients.  EGGS have choline -
Please buy eggs from your local farmer if you do not have your own chickens.  Where ever you buy eggs from, get the PAPER EGG CARTON 

Lead Pb WATCH for Kids Page link

Lunch Pails with plastic gray and black lining can have lead

What's Wrong With the Silver Lining?

Lunch Pails that are collapsible and have grey or silver linings often contain lead/pb.  Surface TEST for yourself!!   I used to own one.  I was keeping belongings in it. I don't like the idea of putting food in lead/pb containers and having a child eat lunch out of it.  Several of these lunch pails have been recalled.  

 The EPA stands for the Environmental Protection Agency.  It is a part of the American government with many, many offices doing several different things in relation to how other people treat the earth as well. 

Some of activities of the EPA are collecting information about lead/pb in the water, Lead/pb in the soil, lead/pb in the air.  Finding the sources of where lead/pb is in use of everyday society.  The EPA offers several resources of how to prevent further lead/pb poisoning to the general public.  Some of these resources are:  the Lead Paint Certification Program,  Training Courses about lead based paint,  how to  references involving lead-based paint,  Technical Studies from testing the earth, water, air, lead/pb in humans, lead based paint hazards, controlling Lead based paint hazards and related  hazards.   The EPA offers Outreach Campaigns and materials so that families  can protect themselves from the DANGERS of lead/pb.  

 The EPA offers brochures and posters helping education to be readily available to individuals and families on the dangers of Lead Based Paint, child lead poisoning, lead testing techniques, Lead Based Paint hazards and prevention.

The EPA OFFERS Useful information about lead and cadmium in toy jewelry so that young children won't get sick.  The EPA also keeps documentation of those who do get sick and how lead/pb and cadmium affect those children.

EPA provides funds, in the form of grants, for public and private organizations to help achieve the goal of eliminating childhood lead poisoning.

The EPA's LEAD/pb index website address is

Learn More Anti Cancer Skills

 One Source is  Michael Bloch  Green Living Tips.com  Green Living Tips is an online resource powered by renewable energy offering a wide variety of earth friendly tips, green guides, advice and environment related news to help consumers and business reduce costs, consumption and environmental impact.   

Lead Pb WATCH for Kids
Photo by Natalie Cox RESPECT the Signs or you may die or get sick. Choose SAFETY skills.

Asbestos What Do We Need to Know

Cancer Prevention Is Abstaining from Asbestos

Some Sources of Asbestos are heating flues found in our living rooms. Asbestos can be found in soil. Asbestos can be found in cladding or imitation brick around houses, garages, sheds, kennels, and fencing. Ammunition wadding contained asbestos.  Asbestos gaskets and parts can be found in electric blankets usually older, under ovens/broilers, clothes dryers usually older, Asbestos use in consumer products were outlawed in 1979. Additional consumer products that are known to have asbestos are air popcorn poppers, dishwashers, hair dryers, toasters, toaster ovens. Some automotive parts like casings are over half asbestos mix. brake shoe pads, clutch  parts, electric  motor armature and undercoating paint.   Asbestos has been found in oven mitts, ironing board covers, stages with soundproofing curtains, Christmas and other ornaments,  Asbestos is found on our trains.

Chrysotile asbestos was for filtering beer, wine, fruit juices,   

Asbestos has been found in body powders.

There are asbestos test kits available on the market.  Asbestos can cause severe disease and death. 

Asbestos Sources

 Asbestos Floor Tiles, backing of vinyl floor  tiles, underlay sheeting for floors, Asbestos in Walls,  Siding, Old Concrete, In Pipe and Plumbing Insulation, Ceilings, Fences, Fireproofing Insulation, Soundproofing Insulation, Basic Insulation, Cladding, Electricity Meter Box Lining, Old Car and Vehicle Hood and Trunk Lining, Imitation Brick cladding, Window rope and putty, Roofs, Lining under eaves, loose Roof insulation, Rainwater Heads, Ridge Tiles, Roof Sheeting,  Drainpipes, Eaves, Guttering,


Take the Lead/pb Out of Music

Playing A Musical Instrument is Mild to Moderate Exercise

 Playing a MUSIC INSTRUMENT is a form of mild to moderate exercise. HEALTH BENEFITS of playing a music instrument in a lead/pb safe area also include increased hand to eye coordination, improved reading skills, improved organizational skills, improved memory, improved comprehension, sense of small motor skill timing, increased problem solving skills, other improved cognitive ability, visual-spacial judgement, and more. The physical act of playing a musical instrument stimulates circulation, inner core muscles, and awareness of breathing correctly.

Please surface lead/pb test all music instruments before purchasing.  Lead/pb is found in brass, plastic, chrome and anything shiny.   

Test Music Cables & Cords to STOP the CANCER

 I have not heard of lead paint on old music instruments, yet. If you question it,  test it and or talk with someone licensed in lead paint about it. 

Soldering can cause nausea. 

The lead/pb I found in music are the amplifier plug-in cords, adapter cords for keys, cable covers to pickups in guitars, surge protectors. ...and Headphones

Lead Safety for Cancer Prevention

Practice Lead Safety for Cancer Prevention

Ignoring old Lead Paint doesn't make it go away. It just becomes more toxic. Understand the facts

Lead paint leaches into wood, encouraging wood rot.  Over time lead becomes more toxic and poisonous if not taken care of.

The Poster says Ignoring old Lead Paint doesn't make it go away. It just becomes more toxic. Understand the facts about lead. 

Lead/pb In Clothing, Shoes, Coats,...


 In 2012, 1700 pair of children's shoes were recalled. They were measured at 300 parts per million. Read more from Huffington Post https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/07/kids-shoes-lead-seized-china-seattle_n_1578330.html

Respirators to Reduce Breathing Dust


 Lead paint renovators have to be extra careful when renovating because asbestos is found in older buildings and houses. Asbestos helps to prevent fires from spreading. Asbestos CAUSES LUNG CANCER. Many Lead Paint Renovators wear special respirators to reduce the risk of breathing in lead dust and asbestos.  

Special Filter Vacuums for Debris


 This Lead Paint Renovator is using a special HEPA vacuum so that dust is contained. Rooms are sealed with sheets of plastic to STOP the Travel of Lead Dust.  It is important to be trained to work with Lead Paint Abatement because Lead Dust can kill you and your children so be sure to get someone specially Certified from the EPA in Lead Paint Renovation.    

Consumer Lead Test Kits are Blotter and Tube. They detect the PRESENCE of lead/pb


Consumer Lead Test Kits are a great tool to protect children and have greatly improved the quality of lives of several.

Lead Paint Renovators


 Lead Paint Renovators have to wear special clothing while they work. Lead Paint Renovators have to take special classes to be safe.

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