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Know Where SyngrSongwrtyr Natalie Cox is Performing & intro about Piano & Guitar Lessons & Weddings

Singer Songwriter Natalie Cox is an USA Regional Performing Artist, known to play her songs throughout several states in the Midwest.  Natalie Cox supports social and environmental causes with her songwriting including blues, jazz, folk and folk rock. 

Performances to be announced

Learn more About Natalie's Private Music Lessons

Piano Guitar Electric Acoustic If you have questions please call or text 785-842-9219 for information regarding piano or guitar lessons.  A page of information about private music  lessons is under the performance calendar on the Piano&Guitar Lessons page. click or press piano & guitar music lessons in Douglas, Leavenworth & Shawnee County KS areas button.  

Please note the blue boxes take you to the page where info is located not direct location on this sitemap.

Piano & Guitar Private Music Lessons in Douglas, Leavenworth, Jefferson & Shawnee County Kansas Areas

People's Statements about Natalie's Song Performing

Are found between Piano & Guitar Lesson Info and Discography

Testimonials about Natalie's are found under lesson info

Compact Discs, Cassettes, mp3's, streaming are available

Visit Natalie Cox's Recordings Page to make a purchase. Natalie Cox has completed four full length albums. Her discography is found on Natalie Cox Lessons Page in between Testimonials and  Contact Info and Listening Samples.


Contact Natalie Cox 785-842-9219 call or text to schedule Lessons, Private Party, or Your Venue

If you want Rhythm for Peace's Mailing address and  email address, it is under the Discography and above the Listening sample section on the Piano & Guitar Lesson Page.

Listening Samples are available on links, other sites on the Piano & Guitar Lesson Page

BMI stands for Broadcast Music Institute. Sound snippet location is found between Contact Info and the About Natalie Cox Singer Songwriter Section on the Piano & Guitar Lessons Page.

Natalie Cox Listening Samples

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Rhythm for Peace Natalie Cox's Privacy Policy is found on the Piano & Guitar Lessons Page

Scroll down past the Listening Samples and the About Natalie Cox's Info Section 

Privacy Policy

Where it says Alkaline 80 Acid 20 Nettles & Beans is just under Rhythm for Peace Natalie Cox Privacy

Just below where it says Alkaline 80 Acid 20 Nettles & Beans is SyngrSongwrytr Natalie Cox's Returns & Replacement Policy. Right After or below the Returns & Replacement Policy is a Lead/pb Warning picture and a subheading that says Hibiscus for Diabetes Prevention.  This is On the Piano&Guitar Lessons Page.

Returns & Replacement Policy

Just Below Hibiscus for Diabetes Prevention is an Area for Contact sites that WE are grateful for.

This is on the Piano&Guitar Lessons page also known as the Home Page.

contact Info Websites that WE like

After the contact sites is a Yellow Caution Lead Hazard Picture

This is where one will find shipping info

Shipping Info is found on piano&Guitar Lessons Page

Directly Under Shipping info are 6 things to know for Cancer Prevention

Environment and Body Self Care that includes wisdom, nutrition skills, and moderate exercise greatly increases your chances for reducing cancer.

Knowing Causes of Cancer Can Help Prevent so Take Action

Awareness Helps

Section of Many Answers & Ways to prevent is just below Knowing Causes of Cancer can Prevent Cancer section.

Many Answers & Ways to Prevent

Rhythm for Peace SyngrSongwrytrNatalie Cox Site Map Part III


After Many Answers & Ways to Prevent

has keep fit dwellings, Take care of our water, work with the weather, develop weather skills, Take care of asbestos & lead paint and lead plumbing, Be mindful of mines. FACE THE FACTS.

Then there is a STOP the Lead in Bags picture USE CANVAS, like cotton, linen, hemp, jute

Try not to pick up the plastic bags at all

There is a warning on the nonstick aluminum pans

With info about toxic kitchen stuff is right under stop the lead in bags picture

We do not need aluminum or lead pb in our Kitchens

Move down and there is Lead Dust Section

After the Lead Dust Section is pdf file about aluminum poisoning. After the Aluminum Poisoning pdf file is A Child with Lead Poisoning Signs Picture stating GET TESTED.

Lead Dust

Did you know that lead plumbing is found on OUTSIDE of old houses?

We would keep cisterns in the attic, catching rain water. Put a pipe down the chimney and have hot water by fireplace.  There are places throughout the United States where children and adults can get their blood tested for lead for free. Please contact the Regional EPA office nearest you for more info.

Lead plumbing is still a problem

Then there is a picture to Stop Lead in Cosmetics

It has mentioned items used in Middle Eastern practices.  Some powders contain lead that are used as medicine for colic, upset stomach, etc.

Stop lead in cosmetics & teething products

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After the Stop lead in Teething & Cosmetics

Is a small section for refreshing the website. Then there is a pic of what a tube lead test looks like. 

Please Bookmark this site & learn more cancer prevention skills. Thank You for visiting www.nataliecox.com

Then is the section titled LEAD SURFACE TEST KITS

It is under the picture of the yellow labeled tube test kit. 

Lead surface, surface test kits

following is a pic about poisons in paint. NON voc is recommended.

Lunch Pails sometimes have lead

Next is Asbestos Burial Picture

The section is brief information about asbestos.  It says No Trespassing Hazardous Conditions.  this located at the lower end of Piano & Guitar Lessons Page.

Take the Lead OUT of Music Section

Has a picture of different labeled tube lead surface test kit. 

test music gear for lead

Lead safety for Cancer Prevention section has 6 pictures

Shoe warning, respirators, and gear that lead paint renovators are to be wearing or stronger.

Lead Safety for Cancer prevention

Part V SiteMap is for Natalie Cox Recordings

Purchase Bear Some Soul Soundtrack includes Dreams, Squeak Blues, Yellow, Tatanka, and more.

Purchase Natalie Cox's and Natalie Cox & Taos Sound Recordings

Songs are available now.

Thank you for visiting www.nataliecox.com 

We hope you bookmark her site, enjoy learning and listening to her tunes.

Buy Bear Some Soul Mp3's & Compact Discs

Listening Samples are available on Apple Music and Amazon

Buy Higher Cause Compact Discs & mp3's

Get Natalie Cox and Natalie Cox & Taos mp3's albums, streaming & compact discs

DANCING is moderate exercise & is cancer prevention

Natalie Cox Biography link

Dancing is disease Prevention, Cardiovascular health

Dancing improves cardio vascular & circulation, even tapping your foot.

Visit Natalie Cox's Recording page

Visit Lead Pb WATCH for Kids page

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

Lead pb WATCH for Kids link

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UNCLE JOHN's Sioux City Iowa

About SyngrSongwrytr Natalie Cox

Some of the areas Natalie has performed are listed on the Natalie Cox Biography page. Read to learn more.

Learn Where Natalie has Performed & WHY

For your wedding procession and recessional, have Natalie

 If you would like to have live music for your processional/recessional at your wedding, have any questions and would like more information please contact:  

Natalie Cox, BME   

785-842-9219 phone

natalie_cox_n_taos@yahoo.com Email

  Natalie performs Christian, classical, soft and pop rock, and some country with or without singing,  Piano and or Guitar Music of Your Choice, for Your Wedding.  The following blue rectangle link redirects to the Biography page of www.nataliecox.com

 "As much as possible advance notice is preferred, although I do ask for three weeks notice so that I can be well rehearsed for your wedding. "

Wedding Procession Recession and Reception link

Next is the Lead/pbWATCH for Kids Page

The Lead/pbWATCH for Kids Page starts with NUTRITION,  encouraging nutrition skills at all ages. Second is a list of EDUCATIONAL Page activity, coloring, mazes so that we can educate our children about dangers, especially that of lead poisoning.

Get the lead out help

Repairing Soil IS Possible, Choose HEALTHY clothes, ABLES, some symptoms of lead poisoning

It is by the Lead free solder picture.  Please be sure to book mark the lead/pb WATCH for kids page to come back and learn VALUABLE information for the earth we walk on.  Be familiar with the Toxic Substance and Disease Registry.

Repair the Soil

Next is Lead in Paint & Dust Test Kit Photo, thank you

Under it is a list of Symptoms and Signs of Lead/pb, a few suggestions on to deal with it, and info about The Old Lead Belt. What lead Poisoning feels like, learning about Poison Control Centers. 

100% cotton for skin health

Next is Children's Products Recall, Sign up for the Email. After is SLOW IT DOWN on the SOURCES of

Lead poisoning. Be sure to watch the Creek Runs Red Trailer and or movie.  It's link is in this section. Please get involved with ROHS. This is a lot to learn from this section. Bookmark it!! 

Part VII Site Map Rhythm for Peace Lead/pb WATCH for Kids


Following mining dump info is a photo of a Lead SURFACE test kit.

This Section addresses NUTRITION,  consumer products, Poison Control Centers, other organizations about Preventing Lead Poisoning.

What are we eating & get rid of lead/pb Consumer products

Baby with Lead Exposure Picture

How to remove some heavy metal poisoning.

Techniques to Remove Lead

Don't Put Lead In Your Head Picture

Attitudes Count, Organizations for Preventing Lead Poisoning, and 

Why Did We Use Lead to Begin With

Picture of ROHS with really helpful info

This area has info about some of the laws we have about lead/pb and waste management and cleaning the Soil.

Cleaning the Soil

Drawing of a Microburst is next

Mold Illness Symptoms List. Lead Dust Management in the Workplace, 

Practice Dirt Dust Safety

Leadie Eddie Damp Mop & DUST Your Home Picture

Everyone can practice lead/pb safety in their dwelling place. Certain careers require more training. Please keep the 46 Tips List for Lead pb Safety. Right After the 46 Tips for Lead Pb Safety is the Consumer Recall email sign up. Be sure to get on their email list.

46 Tips to Practice Lead pb SAFETY

PartVIII SiteMap SyngrSongwrytr Natalie Cox Rhythm for Peace


How Did You Get Lead Poisoning?

Many people get sick after storms that have strong winds. Some of us have died from debris and from poisonous dust and particles that blow into our ears and mouths or inhaled. This is Natalie Cox experience of the March 12, 2006 Microburst. 

Natalie was sick for several years while working on nutrition.  We have nutrition calculators now to add up mineral and vitamin intake from food. Natalie practiced several additional healing techniques that include WALKING, SWEATS, Dry Skin Exfoliation, Reflexology, ...

Lead/pbWATCH for Kids

Practice Cancer Prevention

Runs Better Unleaded collage

Practice Cancer Prevention

Thank You

for Visiting


Drop Natalie a Line at the bottom of this page


Music & Cancer Prevention

Lycopene a nutritent found


in tomato juice and watermelon.  Eat around 1 1/2 cups of watermelon daily or 1/2 cup of tomato juice daily to achieve effective amounts of lycopene.  Lycopene is known to help prevent strokes. 

Please Visit


Buy Sheet Music


Molybdenum also known as Miner's Salt

Tomato Juice has molybdenum

Foods that contain molybdenum are lentils, beans, tomato juice, zucchini, hard or soft boiled eggs, broccoli,  Small amounts of molybdenum can be found in beef liver & chicken liver, watermelon, avocados, cauliflower, asparagus, sunflower seeds, blueberries, papaya, white natural cheese, mushrooms, buttermilk, etc. Molybdenum is good for bone and teeth health. Molybdenum helps to prevent the build up of metals in the body,

The 10 Toxic Villains To Avoid


Complied by Forces of Nature 1. Avoid Petroleum & Coal Tar products 2. Phthalates found in plastics 3.  Methylisothiazolinone & Methylchloroisothiazolinine found in soap, lotions, and cleaners 4. Sodum lauryl sulfate & sodium Laureth sulfate found in toothpaste, lotions and cleaners 5. Parabens found in shampoos, baby care products, more 6. Dyes 7. Vocs Volatile Organic Compounds found in detergents and disinfectants 8. Formaldehyde found in body care products 9. BPA & BP found in siding, doors, sealant, baby teether & tippy cups 10. Triclosan synthetic pesticides, body care products. GO FRAGRANCE & DYE FREE


Lutein & Zeaxanthin

Zucchini A Staple, Read Dr. Mercola's Article What is Zucchini Good For?

 Lutein and zeaxanthin help prevent cataracts. Please visit the American Macular Degeneration website. Other foods containing lutein & zeaxanthin are spinach, basil, egg yolks, peas, nettles, bilberry, broccoli, blueberries, collards, corn, sauerkraut, mandarin orange, papaya, peach, cherries, raspberries, leek, Brussel's Sprouts, iceberg and Romaine lettuce, okra, artichokes,  watermelon and more.

W3 Catalog - Web directory provides quality website listings in organized categories. 

Contact Natalie Cox

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Call, text, email or use this form to contact Natalie for piano or guitar lessons

Lawrence, Baldwin, Eudora,  

 Douglas, Shawnee,  Leavenworth & Jefferson Counties, Kansas

Call,  text, email or use this form to contact Natalie for your venue, wedding or private party's live music.

email natalie_cox_n_taos@yahoo.com

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Piano Guitar Lessons Performing Artist

Natalie Cox Singer Songwriter Natalie Cox Teaches Private Piano and Guitar Lessons in Douglas County, Kansas and surrounding counties. Be sure to buy her full length albums or mp3's and iTunes. Singer Songwriter Natalie Cox is an USA Regional Performing Artist, performing shows throughout several states in the Midwest. Natalie Cox performs for weddings. Natalie has a Music Education Bachelor Degree from the University of Kansas. When you or your children are ready for Private Piano or Guitar Music Lessons or would like help with Your Wedding music, call or text (785) 842-9219 or CONTACT me using the form on this site. Be sure to browse Lead Pb WATCH for Kids Page on this site to STRENGTHEN our Anti-cancer skills. Thank you visiting Natalie Cox's website. www.nataliecox.com

PO Box 1915, Lawrence, KS, KS 66044, US

(785) 842-9219

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